Yourtreatmentchoices.com is an innovative platform that addresses clinical trial patient recruitment issues by enabling patients fast and direct access to clinical trials, specialist doctors and trials nurses.

It is a unique digital platform where patients and medical experts interact, bridging the gap between those who need treatment and those who provide it, making the recruitment process simpler, faster and more accessible.


Your Treatment Choices


– UX, UI & visual design
– Brand identity design
– Project management


The Your Treatment Choices platform needed a deep UX and visual redesign along with a brand refresh to promote and launch their service publicly.

The logo had to exude approachability and support whilst facing a wide range of audiences.

This included medical professionals, research organisations, patients, and carers. It had to look and feel welcoming and caring, yet medically relevant. It was essential these core qualities translated to the design of the website and ultimately appealed to multiple audiences whilst feeling inclusive to each.


The project kicked off with the logo redesign. The logo itself was based on two ideas – choice and freedom, personified by a literal tick in a box becoming a figurative person breaking out of a box. Making subtle changes to the pre-existing colour palette of dark royal blue, teal and white established a link with the existing identity adding warmth and depth.

Initially extensive user experience consultancy was carried out regarding the website. In this, user journey mapping, wireframes and user flows were created and tested to establish how best to serve each unique user group.

Based on the optimum routes for each user, the visual design echoed the simplicity of the logo and maintained a clean and simple look to each and every page to help users navigate quickly and effectively.

A chat engine was designed from the ground up to allow patients to talk with trials doctors and nurses directly about their condition. This chat engine, allied with the powerful search system is what makes the site entirely unique within the sector and provides medical professionals with a steady stream of pre-qualified patients.


A strong, fresh, easily identifiable brand and an intuitive and clear website. Launched in 2014 the site featured 200 trials in 11 countries. Today, Yourtreatmentchoices.com features nearly 90,000 clinical trials in 179 countries and partners with the NHS, global pharmaceutical firms and numerous well-known UK charities in helping over 250,000 patients find and join a clinical trial.