Inside Textiles is a digital publisher specialising in textiles news for industry professionals. Currently running three main titles; knittingindustry.com. innovationintextiles.com and insidecomposites.com, and three related global business directories, Inside Textiles is taking on traditional printed publishers and winning with their free to read model.

The news sites cater to over 600,000+ readers and traffic continues to grow.


Inside Textiles


– Brand identity design
– Web design & build
– Project management


Inside Textiles needed a strong identity to be the main brand for their family of news sites. The identity had to work with existing news brands, as well as be a stand-alone and recognisable corporate face for the publisher.

Along with the new identity, business stationery and a website were required. The website needed to be clear and simple, offering insight into who Inside Textiles are and what they do, whilst providing a platform from which to automatically sell advertising space across their network of news brands.


Drawing upon the experience of designing and project managing their news brands and websites, pulling together the Inside Textiles brand was fairly straight forward. The identity had to reflect the nature of their business (textiles) whilst maintaining a corporate feel.

A colour swatch based on the family of news sites was selected and offered a simple way in which to subtly reference the sub-brands. The symbol itself was designed to illustrate interconnectivity, the relationship between the news sites and the interweaving nature of textiles themselves.

The accompanying website was designed to be a standard corporate brochure site, offering information about the company, their offerings, principles, history and team members. Producing the site through WordPress allowed the client to update content themselves, and facilitated seamless integration to Infusionsoft, a marketing and CRM automation platform.

Nearly all the interactive forms throughout the site run through Infusionsoft and are geared toward identifying and converting potential advertisers for the news sites. Through a series of sophisticated landing pages, the client is able to guide potential advertisers through a simple media pack sign-up process, resulting in an automated sales pipeline that generates 30% of all advertising revenue.


A strong identity that stands out in a competitive sector, and a responsive website that offers easy and clear information and an automated sales pipeline.